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It just got real... 

New to the field?
Serious about breaking in?
Then keep reading below.  NO ONE in this industry is offering an opportunity like this.

“The Mentorship & Networking Program”

We have created a group of volunteer mentors and current professional military contractors you can talk to directly, ask questions and network with.  You have questions, they have answers. 

Here is what you get when you become part of our Mentorship & Networking Program

1.      Daily Q&A Mentor Sessions - Our mentors conduct daily Mentor Q&A Sessions where you get to ask specific questions. You can ask as many questions as you want - before, during and after the mentoring session.


2.      Networking for Faster Results - You’ll immediately become part of the Flyer Jobs family, with access to a global network of military contractors who can help you  connect with the right people, answer all your questions and if you impress the right person, you might land a job.


3.      Exclusive Job Opportunities – Members of the group will get the inside scoop on job opportunities as they come across our desk, which tends to happen frequently.


This program is a steal at $85 per month. 

Annual subscribers to get an automatic 50% discount.

Send an email to for information on how to join.  Limited slots available.