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Have a dream of earning $200,000 per year?  It’s possible.

If you are a veteran with a current secret clearance, an aviation background and a solid resume, there is probably something for you on this site. While we cater to experienced aviation professionals, there are certain UAV positions that are hiring and training quality veterans, even if they have not deployed. You can be one of those people.

What do you need?

To earn this kind of money and break into this industry YOU MUST HAVE A SOLID RESUME!        I don’t mean that you must be some sort of special operator, but you must be able to articulate your experience in a way that speaks to military contract companies.

You must remember these companies have been doing this for a long time and they know what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to personnel.  THEY ARE LOOKING FOR VERY SPECIFIC BULLET POINTS!

The Flyer Jobs team has over one hundred years of combined experience in this field and have built rock solid and trusted relationships throughout the industry.  We are the people that you want on your side.


What we are offering.

We have two different resume packages.

1.      Package one (the cheaper, but effective method) – With a specific job type in mind we will review your resume in detail, give you feedback on your resume and give specific opportunities for improvement.

Package one price: $75 

NOTE: For an additional $25, we will send you our proven and vetted resume template you can use to take your resume to the next level.


2.      Package two – With a specific job type in mind we will completely rewrite your resume from the ground up.  This includes direct communication with you via email to really dig deep into your background and pull out the diamond that you are probably overlooking.  You will come out with a resume that will make these military contract companies drool. 

Package two price: $500

NOTE: we give a 50% discount to yearly subscribers on package two.


Why us?

While there are many companies that can write a great resume, NONE of them have experience in the military contractor field.   What we bring to the table can not be trained in any seminar or classroom.  It can only be acquired through years and years of experience.  Let us help you with your resume and you’ll be making big bucks down range in no time.

The real question is, can you afford not to?

How to sign up?

Send an email to

Within the email include Package 1 (with or without template) or Package 2, your resume, the type of jobs you are interested in pursuing (UAV, Manned, etc.) and a short bio. 

We will send you a link for payment and get started working on your future.